About Us

Allium Pizza Co. & Mo’ offers handcrafted neo-neopolitan pizzas that are rooted in Italian tradition with a focus on local ingredients. Our Italian wood-fired oven bakes our pies in under 2 minutes, which offer a highly nutritious dough made with our blend of Italian and local Maine flours.

Our pizzas and piccolinas (hand-sized calzones) are created with carefully selected high quality ingredients. We seldom overload our pies with ingredients or mix different meats in order to be an ingredient-focused cuisine.

We are a seasonal outdoor business that currently setups weekly on Sundays at Tarbox Farm in Westport Island. We also cater private events in Maine. You may contact us at hello@alliumpizza.com or 207-310-3424 for your catering needs.

Our Pizzas

Our pizzas are personal pies that measure around 12” and are crafted in the Neapolitan style with a focus on local ingredients.

Our Dough

Our highly nutritious dough is made with our own blend of Italian OO flour and local organic Maine grains. The other ingredients are yeast, salt and water. Simple as that.

Our Oven

Our wood-fired oven is Imported from Modena, Italy and built on a trailer in NY. The oven bakes pies in less than 2 minutes at 800-850 degrees.

62 Tarbox Road
Westport Island, Maine

Sundays 1pm to 6pm